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Posted by Daniel Krite on 26 Nov 18 02:25 PM

CloudMail Quick Start Guide.


Welcome to your new CloudMail email service from LondonWeb.

All of our services and features are available to be used whether you have your computer with you or not. Your data is available from anywhere using a Web Browser however you may prefer the portability or functionality of a Desktop or Native Device Application for accessing it. Below we will provide links to guides for popular Operating Systems or Applications you might use.

To access your emails via a web browser, use the link below.


You can then login using your username and password we have previously sent you.



Once logged in you will see the front page that shows tabs for your Emails, Chat, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes.

On the left hand side you will see your email folders.


Depending on the size of your browser window the top bar will have icons or titles.











Composing and sending emails.


To compose a new email message:

Within the Email section, click Compose above the list of incoming messages.

This opens the ‘New Message editing windows’. To open the message in a new window, click the top right icon.


In the To: and Cc: text boxes, type the email addresses of recipients.

As you type, CloudMail offers you matching addresses from your contacts.

Click the plus icon icon to select email addresses from your contacts folder.


You can also insert images directly in the text. CloudMail displays the images in their original size.




For advanced composing features, such as Bcc, Priority or confirmations click the 3 dots for the options.

To attach files to your email either drag the file into the message composing window or click the Attachment option. 


The message can then be sent or saved for completing at a later date.

Note: CloudMail regularly save your emails to the drafts folder during message composing.

Replying to messages.

After reading a message you can Reply, Reply All or Forward to 3rd party using the buttons on the top bar.

Note: If your message window is smaller only the icons will be seen.

Advanced email Features

CloudMail also provides the following advance features;

  • Automatic Signatures.
  • Out Of Office Auto-replies
  • Filters.
  • Additonal Languages.

To access this features click the Settings option below your name, in the op right hand corner.




Within the setting window click the Email tab where you can setup your signature and other settings.


(Don’t forget to click Save at the bottom of the page after making any changes).



Aditional Features.

You new CloudMail also has the following fetaures which can all be used from with in the same session on your browser. All of which can be synced to your mobile deive too.

  • Chat
  • Calander
  • Contacts.
  • Tasks
  • Notes.


Choose one of the following links to setup additional devices such as PC/Mac or mobile devices.

Windows – Mac

iPhone – Android - Windows Mobile

If you still require assistance after viewing the full guide, please contact the helpdesk on 020 8349 4500.

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