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Kerio - Allow unsupported devices to connect
Posted by Adam Palmer on 12 Mar 09 11:44 AM

If your existing mail server is Kerio 6.6 and prior versions, in order to allow your Blackberry to connect the Kerio server configuration must be edited to allow this. Either you can make this change yourself if you are responsible for the server, or request the change is made via your mail server administrator.

No configuration change is required for Kerio 6.7 and later, which already recognise NotifySync as a supported device.

On the Kerio server find the mailserver.cfg file

You will find this file in:

  • C:\Program Files\Kerio\MailServer (Windows)
  • /opt/kerio/mailserver (Linux)
  • /usr/local/kerio/mailserver (Mac OS X)

Change the variable “AllowUnsupportedDevices” from 0 to 1. 

Save the file and restart all Kerio services.

Information correct as of 11/09/2009

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