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How to Autosave Microsoft Office every minute
Posted by Alex Stender on 17 Feb 10 02:29 PM
Microsoft Office Application software has a built in feature that will automatically save your work for you every ten minutes in the event that the application crashed while you are typing. Whichever way you look at it, Word crashing in the middle of you writing an important article or legal documents is unacceptable. Furthermore, if you type really fast and can cover a lot of ground in one minute, saving only the last ten minutes of your work is still unsatisfactory. Want your MS Office documents (Word, Excel, Access, etc) to Autosave every 60 seconds? Here's how:

1. Open your Microsoft (Word, Excel, PPoint, Access Etc.) document.

2. In Office 2007, e.g. Word, Click on the Office Button in the top left hand corner of your document.

3. Click on the Word Options button at the bottom of the Drop-Down Menu.

4. In the left pane, Click on the Save option and under the "Save Documents" heading ensure that the "Save AutoRecovery Information every" Checkbox has a tick in it.

5. In the dropdown list that is directly to the right, type 1 or use the arrow keys to decrease the number from 10 to 1. Click Ok to close the dialog box and you are done.

6. In Office XP-2003, (Word, Excel, PPoint, Access Etc.), Go to "Tools" choose "Options" from the menu and in the dialog box, Click on the "Save" tab and you will see the same feature similar to Office 2007, make your changes and click ok to accept the changes and you are done.
Next time office crashes in the middle of your work AutoRecovery would have saved the last 60 seconds of your edited document(s) for you.

Note: Always check if your MS Office and Windows operating system has the latest updates applied.

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