Where can I find software updates for my Blackberry operating system?
Posted by Adam Palmer on 14 Jul 09 05:24 PM

New versions of the Blackberry operating system are released regularly, containing bug fixes and new features.

Updates to your handsets are usually available via Blackberry Desktop Manager. If you run Blackberry Desktop Manager (on a Windows PC), then connect your handset via USB cable, any available updates are offered to you.


  • The very latest updates are often not available to you via this method (just connecting the handset), a file needs to be downloaded to your computer via your mobile network operators support site. Once this file has been installed, re-running Blackberry Desktop Manager and connecting your handset should prompt you with the software revision you have downloaded.
  • As with any major update to the handset, we recommend that you take a backup of your device first using the backup function of Blackberry Desktop Manager.
  • Updating your handset can take a couple of hours. Make sure your battery is fully charged and you have some free time to complete the process.
  • The links below were correct at the time of publication. Mobile operators may redesign their sites. If you are unable to locate the device update, ask your mobile network operator for advice.


Step 1 - obtain the latest version of Blackberry Desktop Manager

Please see this guide -

Step 2 - obtain the latest software for your phone

Note: This process should be performed from a Microsoft Windows based PC, not from your phone.

Note: The mobile operators websites are constantly changing structure. We do our best to keep these instructions updated but you may find that the steps are not exactly what you find on the mobile operators site if they have made more updates and structural changes to their sites.


  1. Go to
  2. At the bottom right of the screen is a ? Support section, click "Phone and device support"
  3. Under "Showing all manufacturers", click the BlackBerry image.
  4. Select the image corresponding to your Blackberry handset
  5. The page for your phone opens. To the right, click "Software Upgrade"
  6. Select Blackberry
  7. This redirects you to the site
  8. Click the arrow next to "--- Please Select A Product ---" and select your handset model number, then click Next
  9. Find the latest release, then click "Download Software" to obtain it. You may need to provide registration information.


  1. Go to
  2. Click HELP & SUPPORT (right of screen)
  3. On the menu bar below the "Search O2 help" bar, click "Help with your phone"
  4. Images of phones appear, to the right select "Software Updates"
  5. Scroll down and under "Other phones & accessories" select "Blackberry help"
  6. Scroll down to "More Blackberry Topics" and select "Blackberry software"
  7. On the next screen click "What is the quickest and simplest way of upgrading software on my phone"#
  8. Follow the instructions within that section
  9. If you have an older handset that doesn't support over the air upgrade, select "What are the different ways I can upgrade the software on my phone" and review "Desktop Manager Software Loading"
  10. For further assistance with Blackberry Desktop Manager, see our guide here:


  1. Go to
  2. Click the arrow next to "--- Please Select A Product ---" and select your handset model number, then click Next
  3. Find the latest release, then click "Download Software" to obtain it. You may need to provide registration information.


  1. Go to
  2. Hover the mouse over Help & Support (top bar)
  3. Under Phone Support select "Settings and Updates"
  4. From the page that opens under Settings and updates select "Software Updates"
  5. Under Other Manufacturers select "Blackberry updates"
  6. Click "Free download & Help and support area"
  7. Click Devices
  8. Click Blackberry
  9. Click Device Software
  10. Select your model number
  11. Select the latest release number shown
  12. Click on the exe file link to download the file

Step 3 - Install the update

Now you have downloaded the update, you need to install this. You MUST have Blackberry Desktop Manager installed first (see step 1)

  1. Run the file you have downloaded
  2. The software will be installed to your computer. Note this does not add any items to your start menu or desktop, it installs the update to folder locations within Blackberry Desktop Manager

Step 4 - Apply the update

Note: Make sure you have a backup of all your current software and settings! You can do this from Blackberry Desktop Manager, using the Backup and Restore function.

  1. Run Blackberry Desktop Manager
  2. Connect your Blackberry to your computer via USB cable
  3. The device will be detected and scanned
  4. The update you downloaded will now be offered to you

Step 5 - Reinstall NotifySync

After updating your handset, reinstall NotifySync

How to remove: 

Then use your setup guide to reinstall. The latest setup guide can be obtained from

Last updated: 26/11/12 (updated mobile operator support steps)

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